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Burning the Disc - Using Bresero


Here are the detailed steps for burning the disc:

  1. Click on Start Here > Multimedia > Brasero Disc Burner.
    • Click on the Maximize Window button at the top right to make the window full-screen.

    Starting a CD burn project
  2. UnderCreate a new project; Select Audio Project, or Data Project, or Video project,or Disc copyor Burn Image, based upon the requirement(e.g Data Project in the figure).

  3. Insert a recordable or rewritable disc. Wait for a moment while the computer checks the disc.
  4. Adding Files
  5. Click the + symbol to add the files.

  6. After adding all the required files, click Burn button. If everything is set up properly, this should start the burning process, which typically takes anywhere from a few minutes to a quarter-of-an-hour depending on the amount of data to write and the speed of the optical drive. You can do other things on the Userful Desktop while you wait for it to finish (but do not log out of your session or eject the disc from the drive!).
  7. Burn progress window

  8. Once the burn is done, it is safe to remove the disc and label it with a felt-tip pen.
  9. If you are finished with your project, just close Brasero. If it asks you to save the project, don't bother.

Copying a Disc

Bresero can be used to copy a disc as well. However, you should be aware that if you copy an audio CD or an audio/video DVD it could take a very long time due to the rigorous error-correction methods used to try and give you a 100% correct copy. Make sure you have lots of time left in your session. Of course, all copyright issues are left to your own discretion.

Please note that data CDs and DVDs will copy faster than music or video discs. This is due to error correction software that tries to reduce the number of errors in multimedia data.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Click on Start Here > Multimedia > Bresero .
    • Click on the Maximize Window button at the top right to make the window full-screen.
    Disc copy.png
  2. Click on the Disc Copytab, then select the disc to be copied.If there are more than one disc drive all discs which are currently in, would be listed.

  3. Select a disc to write or select Image File to create an image.
  4. Click on the Copy button to start copying the disc.
    • If you feel that the copy process is taking too long (for example, more than 20 minutes for a CD), you can end it by clicking on the Close button. Then remove the disc by pressing the Open/Eject button on the optical drive.
  5. Once the copy process is finished, the disc will eject .

Note:If you are copying the disc and have only one disc drive, you will be asked to replace the disc you are copying with a writable one after the contents are copied temporarily to your hard disk.