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(Updated 2012.02.15)

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Userful Desktop 8.0.1

  • More complete support for translated applications (5728)
  • Support HP T200 (SMSC) devices via USB (5752)
  • Added fall back method, when UMs fails to start (5836)
  • Fixed issue with some administartive programs not being killed on logout (5851)
  • Version number now displayed consistantly across all user interfaces (5861)
  • Added dependency for Amsn to install automatically, if not installed already (5868)
  • Fixed issue with time limit extension not working in some configurations (5911)
  • Improved troubleshooting for usb devices (5919)
  • New installs will be partitioned without a /boot partition and be limited to 40GB (5942)
  • Improved bootup procudure for initializing network (5955)

Userful Desktop 8.0

Released February 2012. Highlights include:

  • Based on version of upstream Linux distribution
  • Includes: Firefox 7, LibreOffice 3.4, Google Chrome 16, Adobe Reader 9.4.6, Flash plugin 11
  • Userful MultiSeat 4.1 which includes support for USB Multiseat devices

For more information see Userful Desktop 8 ReadME.

Legacy Versions of Userful Desktop

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