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==Userful Desktop 8 Administration: Overview==
==Userful Desktop 8 Administration: Overview==

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Thank you for choosing Userful Desktop™ 8, the world’s best and most complete public computing solution.

This is a part of the Userful Desktop™ 8 Administrator Manual. To view the complete manual, please click here.

Userful Desktop 8 Administration: Overview

Userful Desktop 8 is administered through three main tools: [UD/Manuals/AdministratorGuide[#Userful Manager | Userful Manager]], Remote Monitoring and Control and Userful Desktop's Administrator Mode.

One or more staff within your organization should be designated as Administrators, who:

1. Set up the system and configure the Userful Desktop using Userful Manager

2. Receive system alerts and warnings by email

3. Keep account information up to date

4. Will be the first point of contact both for Userful support and your own staff when issues arise.

Userful Manager

Userful Manager.

Administrators control Userful Desktop's appearance and functionality through the Userful Manager web portal. They do so by logging in to the web-based control panel using a web browser to make and apply changes. Userful Manager saves these settings, which can also be applied to any new machines added to the Userful Manager account.

Access to Userful Manager is included as part of your support subscription agreement.

To add an administrator to Userful Manager, please refer to these instructions.

Userful Manager is described [UD/Manuals/AdministratorGuide[#Userful_Manager | later in this guide]].

Remote Monitoring and Control

Remote Monitoring and Control.

Administrators also have access to a variety of remote support and assistance tools through the Remote Monitoring and Control web portal. This enables administrators to execute real-time commands on systems, such as re-booting the computer, logging out a specific user, viewing logs, etc.

Access Remote Monitoring and Control from the Userful Manager home page, by visiting http://localhost/gui.php from a web browser on Userful Desktop or from the desktop icon available in Administrator Mode. An administrator password is required to access Remote Monitoring and Control.

Remote Monitoring and Control is described later in this guide.

The Administrator Mode

Administrator Mode. Some tools reside in the Advanced Tools folder.

Administrator Mode provides access to key administrative tools and is typically used when setting up, moving or troubleshooting a computer.

Enter Administrator Mode from the welcome screen of any Userful Desktop by pressing “Ctrl+Alt+A”. When prompted to do so, enter the Administrator password. In Administrator Mode, administrators can:

  • Schedule a reboot
  • Configure network settings
  • Set the date, time, and time zone
  • Configure printers
  • View system settings
  • Open a command prompt window
  • Enter Userful Manager
  • Immediately update changes made in Userful Manager

Administrator Mode is described later in this guide.

Administrator Passwords

Administrators use two types of passwords:

Administrator Mode passwords: Each Userful Desktop has an Administrator password that enables administrators to enter Administrator Mode. To simplify management, Userful Manager will assign the same password for all Userful Desktops. This password should be known by all administrators and should be changed periodically.

This password can be changed through the Userful Manager web interface. When one administrator changes the password, all administrators added to your Userful Multiplier account will receive an email alerting them to this change. Keep your administrator password secret, and if you need to write it down, store it in a safe place.

Note: For security reasons, a new and unique password to enter Administrator Mode is assigned the first time a machine registers with Userful Manager. To access and/or change this new password, go to Userful Manager > Solutions Expert > System Passwords.

The default passwords for 'Administrative actions by non-Administrators' are also found in 'System Passwords'.

Userful Manager Account passwords: Each individual with administrative privileges within your organization will have their own account and password with the http://manage.userful.com portal. They can log in from any web browser using their email address and password and undertake set-up and configuration tasks. To change your personal account password, log in to Userful Manager and click on the link "Your member account details"; from the "My Account" page which opens, click on "Change my Password".

Administrative actions by non-Administrators

Add time with the Ctrl+Alt+R key combination.

Certain administrative actions can be performed without a regular administrator (for example, by on-duty staff):

Ctrl+Alt+Del resets an individual station (available to any user).

Ctrl+Alt+T with the time password: can extend the time of a station’s session. This brings up a dialog prompting for how long the administrator wishes to extend the user’s time.

Ctrl+Alt+R with the reboot password: schedules a reboot of the system the next time all stations are empty. This optionally allows staff to prevent new users logging on until the reboot has taken place.

Ctrl+Alt+F with filter password: can remove the filtering of a station’s session.

Passwords can be changed using the “System Passwords” panel in Userful Manager.

For reasons of security, passwords have been removed from the downloadable version of this document.

Using Foreign Input

Userful Desktop supports a variety of keyboard layouts and fonts for foreign languages.

For more information on using Userful Manager to modify the level of internationalization and multilingual features, including keyboard layouts, offered to users through Userful Desktop, please see Section 6.8, Multi-language configuration.

To learn how to set up Userful Desktop's multi-lingual input features, please contact Customer Support or your Userful Sales Representative.

The 'Lock Station' Feature

The 'Lock Station' icon.

On-site Administrators should be aware of the 'Lock Station' feature, which can be added to Userful Desktops through Userful Manager.

A user-created password must be entered twice to lock a station.

Patrons who wish to leave their stations for a short time without abandoning their sessions can use the 'Lock Station' feature. When a patron clicks on the 'Lock Station' icon (found on the desktop and in the Start Menu), the dialog at right will appear, asking for a password that the user will create on-the-spot. Users must re-enter their password to be sure they have typed it correctly.

Entering a password to unlock a station.

To unlock the station and return to their session, users must enter the same password provided when the station was locked.

Note: Please emphasize to your patrons the importance of remembering their lockdown passwords, as Administrators cannot bypass the password screen to return to the session. If necessary, Administrators can use Ctrl-Alt-Delete to immediately end the session and return to the Welcome Screen.