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(Updated 2014.07.30)

These important steps have been identified by the Support Team as being crucial to a successful upgrade. The direct phone line for Support is 1-866-873-9119 (8:30-5:30 MST). Please let us know when you plan to upgrade so we can capture your network and printer settings on your behalf.

Check your drive to see if you have a DVD-Rom or CD-Rom.

  • We recommend the DVD for the upgrade as it contains all the necessary packages.
  • If you only have a CD-Rom, then Open Office & Adobe Reader will have to be downloaded by the support staff after your machine is back on-line. This can occur at night and will not affect patron use.

If the support staff has downloaded the image remotely and will burn it for you, we request that you use a CD-R or DVD-R not RW’s, as we are not able to burn proper install discs with them.

  1. To start the install, insert the DVD/CD and restart the machine (powering off & on). If it appears that the regular start sequence has started with the system checklist [OK] in green, then you will need to change your BIOS to boot from the CD drive. If you are uncomfortable attempting this, then please call Support and we will will walk you through the settings.
  2. You will be prompted to type install in the first step of the process.
  3. When you get to the screen indicator that says it is transferring packages (eg. 12 of 925), the install is successfully under way.
  4. After this process completes, you will be prompted to accept the End User License Agreement, then a few processes will complete and you will be asked to restart the machine. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMOVE THE DISK FROM THE CD/DVD READER AT THIS POINT. If you do not do so, then the install process will restart.
  5. After restarting you will see the following screen. DO NOT BYPASS ANY OF THE STEPS BELOW !!
  1. Configuring your network:
    • You will need to know your network settings, if the support staff has not captured them on your behalf. This can be done by contacting support prior to the upgrade.
    • In most cases, your machine will have been assigned a static IP address. Choose this radio button and input all the information. It may be pre-filled but please verify that it is correct.
    • You do not need to test the connection, just click on the middle red option to apply settings. Click through and accept or OK until you are back to the main configuration screen.
  2. Apply configuration:
    • This is the most crucial step in the process. It allows Userful Manager (formerly Network Personalizer) to identify your machine and apply your custom settings. If you get a message saying that you cannot connect to the update server, please cancel, go back to network settings and ensure that all of your setting are still retained (especially DNS). If not re-enter the information and re-apply the settings. Once all the configuration has been downloaded on your machine (which may take some time depending on your network) you will get a message that ‘This is a Known Machine’ please click on the left button ‘Register Now’ to register the machine.UM-register-screen.png
  3. Date & Time
    • Check to see if the correct time zone is reflected here, as sometimes it will default to MST.
    • We recommend enabling Network Time Protocol
  4. Printers
    • If you are familiar with your printer settings and know the IP address, you can install the printer.
    • If you have contacted support to capture your settings, we can install the printer remotely once you let us know you are ready and the machine is on-line (having successfully contacted the UM server and downloaded configuration)
  5. Enable system
    • Once ALL of the above steps have been completed and green check marks are displayed next to each icon (except Printers when you have requested support to configure printing), click to enable your system and enjoy the new features of Userful Desktop™.