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(Updated 2013.02.20)

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Note: Licenses persist when Userful MultiSeat software is upgraded to a newer version. That is, if you already have a license for any version of Userful MultiSeat, you can update your system to the newest available version without obtaining a new license.

With Userful, licensing is quickly and easily managed through the Userful Control Center. The following types of licenses are available:

Free 2-User License

Userful offers a Free 2-User License. The Free 2-User license can be easily obtained through the Userful Control Center.

Commercial License

To obtain a commercial license for more than two stations per PC, please contact Userful.

Please Note: Unused video output heads on PCI/PCIe graphics cards or integrated graphics cards should be disabled in the Userful Control Center to avoid going over the limit of licensed stations.

If a graphics card on the host computer has an unused video output head (except for Radeon graphics -- please see Known Issues), that output head will still show up in the Control Center as an available station. An error message will appear stating that "The Xorg server has failed on the specified display"; this error message can safely be ignored. However, these "phantom stations" will count towards the number of seats allowed on a license -- resulting in an unusable station showing the "Too Many Stations" screen -- unless disabled in the Userful Control Center.

If "Disable All" and then "Enable All" is used, the "Too Many Stations" screen may appear on the wrong station. To remedy this situation, Disable the station formed from the unused video output head and reboot the computer.