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(Updated 2018.01.30)


See documentation for the latest products: http://support.userful.com.


Userful™ software appliance supports following YUAN capture cards.

Please Note: Before contacting Userful support, please ensure that you are using compatible capture cards with the latest release of Userful™. This is crucial for Userful to deliver the best possible support experience. Please contact your Userful representative, if you have active Maintenance and Support contract.

YUAN Capture Cards

Model Input Type Input Connector Type No. of Inputs Max Resolution Compatible Color Space
SC510N2-L 4K * HDMI HDMI A Female 2 1080p (Full HD) @ 60fps / 2160p (UHD) @ 30fps YUV
SC5C0N4 HDMI HDMI A Female 4 1080p (Full HD) @ 60fps YUV
SC510N4 * HDMI HDMI A Female 4 1080p (Full HD) @ 60fps YUV
SC542N2 HDV HDMI, Component (Breakout cable)
Native DVI-D connection
Adapter > VGA, HDMI
Breakout Cable > RCA, Mini-DIN
2 1080p (Full HD) @ 60fps YUV, RGB
SC542N4 HDMI HDMI A Female 4 1080p (Full HD) @ 60fps YUV, RGB
SC542N8 HDMI HDMI Micro Female 8 1080p (Full HD) @ 60fps YUV, RGB

Please Note: * SC510 series YUAN capture cards have been marked for End-of-Life.
Presently, YUAN capture cards are not fully supported with Userful™ software appliance. If you are planning to install YUAN capture cards for your capture needs, please contact your sales representative or send an email to sales@userful.com for more details.

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