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(Updated 2016.09.16)

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Enabling "Nvidia Support" offloads 50% workload of CPU to the Nvidia GPU card. This feature enables the administrators to create high quality video wall with better content synchronization.

Following are the advantages of using this feature:

  • Synchronization (very substantial improvements to video wall synchronization)
  • Substantially improved scaled image quality on heavily scaled video walls
  • Free up CPU resources (by offloading 50%+ of the workload to the Nvidia Offload Card)

Setup and Requirements

To support this feature, following requirements and caveats must be met:

  1. Use Userful certified PC with Nvidia card installed
  2. Install appropriate License key
  3. Set the default GPU in BIOS of the Userful host to Intel® Integrated GPU
  4. Do not plug any display into the Nvidia GPU

Enabling Nvidia Offload Support

Enable Nvidia.png

Once the setup is complete:

  • Open Control Center > System Operations and click "Nvidia Offload Card" link
  • Enable "Nvidia Offload Card Support" option
  • Enable "Direct Sync" option
Enabling this option improves the content synchronization across displays in a video wall setup and free up CPU
  • Enable 60fps (not recommended as switching to 60fps increases the network bandwidth)
  • Click "OK" to complete the process

Note: It is highly recommended to configure and map video walls to session containers before enabling Direct Sync feature. Similarly, disable this feature before making any change to an existing video wall.


Licensing is managed through the Control Center. To enable this feature, you need special license key. Please consult your sales representative or send an email to sales@userful.com for more information.

Supported Cards

Following Nvidia Offload cards are tested with Userful™ software appliance. Other cards of 700 and 900 series may also work.

Please Note:

  • Nvidia GTX 900 series cards consume more power than is available in some Desktop systems. If you are planning to install these cards for offload support, please contact the Userful representative for more details.
  • Nvidia GTX 980 Ti card or higher is required for 8k video playback

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