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(Updated 2016.11.10)

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Interactive Viewer allows user to remotely interact with a session running on the video wall or stand-alone display via keyboard and mouse of a different computer such as Userful host, connected display or any device in the same local area network.

How to use Interactive Viewer

  • Open Control Center > Station Mapping tab.
  • Single-click on existing zone or display to open the Video Wall Zone Settings or Station Settings dialog window respectively.
  • Click on Start next to Interactive Viewer to remotely control video wall or individual display.
  • Click on View to open the Interactive Viewer window inside the UCC to access or make changes to the session. You can also Click on Stop if you do not want to use this feature.
Note: Interactive Viewer feature can also be accessed while configuring mirror group by clicking on Mirror Group.png icon available on the right corner of an existing session container group.

Please Note: Interactive Viewer works only for interactive sessions like Linux Desktop, Web Browsers, Cloud Desktop etc and system resource usage might increase while using this feature.

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