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<li>Installation will begin immediately. As it proceeds set the '''root''' password  under '''Configuration''' Prompt (for system administration and troubleshooting)</li><br>
<li>Installation will begin immediately. As it proceeds set the '''root''' password  under '''Configuration''' Prompt (to work in non-graphical mode and troubleshooting).</li><br>
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[[Image:Initail_setup.png |600 px|right]]
[[Image:Initail_setup.png |600 px|right]]

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This document provides instructions for installing the Userful™ software appliance. It presents an overview of the software installation and setup stages.

Typical sequence of tasks when installing the Userful™ software appliance are:

  • Choose the preferred Installation Process Language
  • Customize System settings in Installation Summary
  • Set Root Password
  • Accept License Agreement and User account setup


Download the Userful™ software appliance from the website and get started. It takes between 10 minutes and 4 hours to complete the download process depending on the speed of your internet connection. After downloading the ISO, burn it onto a DVD or create a bootable flash drive.


To install, simply configure the system to boot from the optical drive, insert the DVD, and reboot the system. However, if you are using a bootable USB flash drive for installation, configure the system to boot from the USB, plug-in the USB flash drive, and reboot the system.

Installation Language.png

Before installation begins, a customized installer will guide you through the installation process. This includes setting the date and time, language support, keyboard layout, root password, assigning hostname and creating a user account.

  1. From the first install screen, choose Installation Process Language that will assist you through the Installation process and click “Continue”.

  2. Installation Summary.png
  3. The next prompt provides Installation Summary. "Installation Summary" provides options for customizing system settings. This includes setting Date & Time, Language Support, Keyboard Layout, Assigning a Hostname etc.

    • Click on the Date & Time option and select the host PC/server's timezone
    • Next choose the default language you wish to use for the system by clicking the Language Support
    • Similarly select the keyboard layout under Keyboard (e.g. English US - see image to the right)

    • Next specify the hard-drive partition. Click Installation Destination, select the type of partitioning:
    • "Automatically Configure Partitioning" (where the entire hard drive will be formatted and you will lose all the data on that hard drive), or
    • "I can configure partitioning" (manually specify the volume to be formatted and create your own layout)

    Configuring Network.png
    • Next configure Network and set a Hostname for your host PC/server. Network Settings must be configured to access the local area network or the Internet. The default network settings are correct for most installations. To enable Network, click Network and Hostname link:
    • Switch the Ethernet button to "ON"
    • Edit the "Hostname" field

    Note: The hostname you give should contain only alpha-numeric characters and hyphens (-). Other characters -- including a period/dot (.) -- are not supported. For example, test-computer is a valid hostname, but test.computer is not. Similarly, do not give "localhost" or "admin" as hostname. These are reserved keywords.

    • Click Begin Installation
    Root Password.png
  4. Installation will begin immediately. As it proceeds set the root password under Configuration Prompt (to work in non-graphical mode and troubleshooting).

  5. Initail setup.png
  6. Once done you will see the success message and, if you are installing from DVD, the DVD will eject. Remove the flash drive if you are installing from it. Reboot the system and accept the Userful’s End User License agreement (EULA) and create a new user for system access.

    • Click Finish Configuration to launch login screen.

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