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Through Userful™ software appliance you can capture content from multiple devices (e.g. laptops, tablets, smartphones, desktop, etc.) over video wall or stand-alone display(s) using HDMI switches and the supported capture cards.

This document outlines the setup procedure required to capture content from multiple devices.

Setup Process

File:Multiple Capture through Splitter.jpg
Performing Multiple Capture Through HDMI Switches

  • Position HDMI source near to the HDMI switch and connect the output port of the HDMI source with the input port of HDMI switch.
  • Connect the output port of the HDMI switch with the input port of the capture card installed on the Userful host using HDMI cables.
  • Capture card will take the HDMI input signal and send HDMI output signal to the video wall or the stand-alone display(s) as per the configuration. Repeat the above-mentioned steps for connecting multiple external devices.
  • Once the setup is complete, login to Control Center and click on Station Mapping > New Session Container to create the session container. Select the session container type as per the installed capture card.
  • After the session container is created, video wall or station(s) can be "mapped" or assigned by dragging-and-dropping video wall icons or station(s) to the session container for content capturing.

Please Note:

  • HDMI sources like DVD players, video cameras, TV receivers, PlayStations, Xbox, Apple TV, Chromecast, laptops can be plugged into the capture cards using HDMI switch.

  • Switches are not HDCP-complaint but in some cases they allow the playback of HDCP encrypted content on non-complaint devices. Even devices that make this claim are not guaranteed to remove the HDCP encryption, as they can vary from production to production.

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