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Control Center

Q: What is the Control Center?

The Control Center is a browser-based management portal used to configure video wall and monitor displays. Its feature include:

  • Station Mapping
  • Configuring Video Walls
  • Network Management
  • Display settings
  • Station access control
  • Virtual Machines
  • New package installation and updates
  • License management and access to support

Q: How can I change the language of the Control Center GUI?

It is the Browser's preferred language which controls the language of the GUI and not the Userful host's default language. This way multiple administrators can access the system in their preferred language of choice. To change the Control Center's GUI language, please change your browser's settings to select your preferred language.

Q: How can I create a Control Center launch icon on my mobile device?

To create the launch icon:

  • Open a web browser on your mobile device and access the Control Center by typing the Userful host's IP address in the address bar
  • Click the "Action" button, Iphone-share.png for iOS and Android-share.png for Android
  • Select the "Add to Home Screen" option from the menu
  • Edit the name and click the "Add" option. The device will return to the home screen and you will see the icon

Q: Can I control my video wall via a mobile device or laptop?

Yes, If you are on the same LAN you can easily control it through the Control Center. Please visit Accessing the Control Center.