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(Updated 2015.09.25)


Most web pages are fully and completely compatible with Firefox. However, there are some sites that insist upon using a different browser. Often, the reasons are entirely non-technical. For this reason, an extension has been developed for Firefox called the User Agent Switcher.

When a web page suggests using a different browser or upgrading the current one, the User Agent Switcher tricks the web site into believing that it is a different browser, often allowing access.

How to Use

Switching the User agent to access browser-restricted content

To switch the user agent of the browser:

  1. From the menu bar at the top of the browser window, choose Tools > Default User Agent. Choose from a list of browsers you can emulate.
  2. Reload the site or web-page you were trying to access.

If the error persists, click here to test the switched user agent (it should display the browser profile that is currently set).

This site still doesn't work

Switching the user agent profile does not make the browser render a page like another browser and is not guaranteed to fix issues with every site. Please read the User Agent Switcher FAQ for more information.

If you find a site that still does not work after switching the user agent you should contact the webmaster of the site and ask them to support the Firefox browser.