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Finding the USB flash drive.

Files from any USB-compatible storage device, such as a digital camera with a USB cable or a flash drive can be accessed as follows:

  1. Plug a USB storage device, System Tray icon will briefly change to a "USB" symbol;once the icon returns to normal, the device will be accessible through the System Tray.
  2. Click on the System Tray icon, highlight the device, and select "Open".
  3. Find the file you wish to open and double-click on it.
Mass Storage mounted.jpg
  1. Once finished, click Close to close the device from the System Tray.

Note: A message will appear with a friendly reminder to remember to close the device from the System Tray before unplugging the device, to avoid data loss.

Helpful Hint: USB-connected storage devices MUST be opened (or 'mounted') through the System Tray to show up in the file navigation system.

  • This means that users will not be able to save files from within an application (i.e./ through File > Save or File > Save As...) unless the storage device has been opened or mounted through the system tray.

Mass Storage unmounted.jpg

Before unplugging a device, click on the System Tray icon, highlight the device, and select "Close". Wait one or two seconds -- or until indicator lights on the device stop flashing -- and remove the device.

Please Note: U3 Smart Drives are not supported by Userful Desktop.
Flash drives can have different types of filesystems, just like hard disks. Ext3/ext4-based filesystems, which are commonly used in Linux systems, retain permissions that restrict read/write access to the owner.

This means that a flash drive with an ext3/ext4 filesystem created on one system may not be usable when plugged into another system. To avoid this issue, users can use FAT32 formatted flash media, which works well cross-platform, and doesn't have permission issues like ext3/ext4. (Users should be aware that FAT32 storage volumes allow a maximum file size of 4 GB.)