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(Updated 2012.04.27)

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Userful MultiSeat™ is software that extends Linux to support several fully independent and concurrent workstations using a single computer box. This is accomplished by adding video devices (either video cards, USB multiseat devices or USB-over-LAN multiseat devices), keyboards and mice to a single PC system and installing Userful's software.

This software is available as:

  1. Userful MultiSeat: A stand-alone software package compatible with Ubuntu/Edubuntu.
  2. Userful MultiSeat Linux : Bundled with Edubuntu and other open-source software, with a focus on software for the educational sector.


Userful MultiSeat™ v4.0 provides:

  • A standard Linux software package that extends the Linux operating system to support several independent and concurrent workstations (depending on hardware) using a single PC.
  • MultiSeat with USB: Works with USB multiseat devices using either DisplayLink or MCT USB multiseat chipsets.
    • Although thorough testing for this release has been limited to a few specific devices, other devices are known to work. We are also constantly testing more devices for compatibility.

Userful MultiSeat™ v4.1 expands on the Userful MultiSeat experience, providing all the features of version 4.0 plus:

  • MultiSeat with Video Cards: Add extra stations with tested and supported video cards.
  • An improved user experience and better handling of storage devices.
  • Enhanced system stability.

Userful MultiSeat™ v5.0 provides:

  • MultiSeat with USB-over-LAN Devices: Support for USB-over-LAN stations, USB or video card multiseat configurations.
  • Automatic device assignment to make system setup quicker and easier.
  • User-interface improvements to support new functionality.

For more information, view the complete documentation available for Userful MultiSeat.