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(Updated 2015.09.25)

This is only an overview of Userful support offerings. It is not a binding contract. The Support terms you may have purchased in the past may differ from this document.


Technical Support

Userful Customer Support's business hours are from 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday MST (North America) excluding statutory holidays.

If your administrator staff (those who have been trained in the use and maintenance of Userful's products) are unable to resolve your inquiry, they should first try to resolve the issue using information available at If this online resource fails to provide a solution, these administrators can contact Userful Customer Support.

After-Hours Support

Should you require assistance outside of Userful's business hours, to ensure the fastest possible response please communicate your issue via email or web-ticket. The issue will be addressed as soon as possible the next business day. Occasionally there are staff working evenings or weekends who may be able to attend to your request sooner.

After-hours support is available on special request but is not included in your regular support contract and will incur an additional fee.

Incident Alert Levels

Non-Critical Incident Alerts

Userful provides support for reproducible system-level problems presented to Userful by designated "administrator" staff contacts. These administrator staff contacts are expected to have read the Product Documentation and Administrator Manuals in the documentation section of our support site.

The administrators are expected to have basic knowledge of computer networking and be capable of carrying out basic tasks outlined in Userful's documentation such as making changes to your router and firewall. If you do not have someone on staff able to fulfill these duties, please talk to your Userful sales representative about the training package that comes with your purchase, or our "Premium" support services.

Userful does not provide support directly to end-users. Help files and user guides for most of the features included with Userful's products are available on the system or at Our initial staff training should be enough to familiarize your staff with any applications they do not already understand. Many of the applications that come bundled with Userful Desktop are produced by third party vendors who provide support via their websites.

Critical Incident Alerts

Userful will provide a solution or a plan to resolve the incident per the chart below. Unlike most software vendors, Userful has a toll-free technical support number and does not charge per-incident support fees. If you would like more details on our warranty or have questions, please contact your account manager.

Alert Response Levels

Alert Definition Min. Response Activation
Level 1 Major malfunction affecting all stations 4 business hours

(with fix or plan to fix)

Call Userful response team (Within North America: 1-866-USERFUL; International clients please call 1-403-289-2177).
Level 2 Severe problem affecting but not debilitating service. 1-2 business days

(with fix or plan to fix)

Report a problem via Escalate to the Userful response team as necessary. (Within North America: 1-866-USERFUL; International clients please call 1-403-289-2177).
Level 3 Minor problem or error affecting a small class of users.
  • Infrequent error message
  • Isolated user problems
5 business days

(with fix or plan to fix)

Report a problem via
Level 4 End user problem with one of DiscoverStation's bundled applications or a configuration change request. 7 business days

(with response, fix or plan to fix)

Report a problem via

Feature & Enhancement Requests

Suggestions for features and enhancements are always appreciated and carefully considered and may be incorporated into future releases. If suggestions relate to a third party application, Userful may forward these to the application vendor. If you require a specific new feature on a specific schedule, you can accelerate the process by engaging our custom development team.

Hardware Support

Because Userful provides hardware from multiple manufacturers, support for each part of a Userful system may vary. However, damage caused by acts of God, vandalism, accidents, abuse, misuse, theft, or power surges is not covered.

Support for Host PC's or Servers Purchased Directly from Userful

For PC's and Zero Clients purchased directly from Userful, Userful supplies either the Manufacturer's warranty, or augments the manufacturer's warranty with additional support. For details on a support for specific Host PCs or Zero Client hardware refer to the relevant quote or invoice.

Support for Computer Peripherals Purchased Directly from Userful

All computer components purchased from Userful (including keyboards, mice, cables and powered hubs) come with 1 year RMA support. All monitors purchased from Userful come with Manufacturer’s warranty.

Hardware purchased from Userful on or before January 2012

Your invoice will clarify which hardware support program you have:

If your invoice or quote states that you purchased hardware support delivered directly by Userful, see Spare in the Air and Return to Depot for details. For central computers covered by Source Support, see Source Support Hardware Support for details.

Userful Desktops Without Hardware Support

Because Userful is a service company, we do not allow the option of customers running Userful Desktop without a minimum of a current Software licensing, support and maintenance contract. For Userful Desktops with expired hardware support or running on hardware purchased from a vendor other than Userful, Userful continues to provide software support, licensing, and software updates. The customer is responsible for all hardware.

Note that if you wish to run Userful Desktop on hardware purchased from a vendor other than Userful, you should verify the make and model of your hardware works with Userful Desktop either with a test install or by speaking to your Userful Representative.