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(Updated 2010.11.15)

To facilitate purchase of hardware compatible with Userful Multiplier™, specific video cards are listed below in three color coded categories Recommended, Might Work and Known Incompatible.


The following list of video cards represents cards that have been tested with Userful Multplier.

  • Video card/Multiplier version combinations indicated by "" (a green check mark) are known to work under most circumstances.
    • While it is impossible to guarantee that these cards will work in all combinations with all motherboards, we recommend purchasing one of the card models listed below that has been tested and is known to work.
    • If the card works but requires a specific driver version, that note replaces the
  • Video card/Multiplier version combinations that do not work and are not supported are indicated with "" (a red X).
  • Video card/Multiplier combinations without a symbol have not been tested.

Userful supports and recommends the following low cost single chip, dual head chipsets, which are available as AGP, PCI or PCI-E cards from a variety of manufacturers:

Video Cards Userful Multiplier
ATI v. 320 v.325 v.3.7 v.3.8
Radeon™ 7000
Radeon™ 7500
Radeon™ 9000
Radeon™ 9200
Radeon™ 9250
Radeon™ X300
Radeon™ X550
Radeon™ X 1000 series
Radeon™ HD 2000 series
Radeon™ HD 3000 series
Video Cards Userful Multiplier
NVIDIA – proprietary drivers required v. 320 v.325 v.3.7 v.3.8
GeForce FX 4400 (not supported with Ubuntu 10.04) driver v.173 driver v.173 driver v.173
GeForce FX 5200 (not supported with Ubuntu 10.04) driver v.173 driver v.173 driver v.173
e-GeForce 6200TC driver v.195
e-GeForce N6201 driver v.195
e-GeForce 6600GT driver v.195
GeForce 6600GT
e-GeForce 7200GS driver v.195
GeForce 7200/7300GS
GeForce 7600GS driver v.195
GeForce 8000 series
GeForce 8400GS (not supported with Ubuntu 10.04) driver v.185 driver v.185 driver v.195
GeForce N8400GS driver v.195
GeForce EN8400GS driver v.195
GeForce NX8400GS driver v.195
Geforce 9000 series
e-Geforce 9400GT driver v.195
e-Geforce 9500GT driver v.195
Quadro FX 500
Quadro FX 600
Quadro NVS 280
Quadro NVS 285 driver v.195
Quadro NVS 400
Quadro NVS 440
GeForce4 MX 440
GeForce2 MX/MX400
Video Cards Userful Multiplier
Matrox – proprietary drivers required v. 320 v.325 v.3.7 v.3.8
G400 Series
G450 Series
G550 Series


  • Mixing multiple brands of video cards can produce unexpected problems.
  • When installing Ubuntu, please use NVIDIA driver version 173 for older cards such as GE5200. Version 180 will work with Series 7 and higher (unless otherwise indicated in the table above).
  • Installing PCI-E card will disable on-board video output by default.
  • Older NVIDIA Cards: NVIDIA has a Unified driver that supports the majority of their popular and modern GPUs. They also have two legacy drivers for their older legacy GPUs. Since only one driver can be used simultaneously per system, combining older NVIDIA GPU chipsets in the same system with recent ones can cause some of the cards to not function. If you are mixing older NVIDIA cards and are uncertain whether this will be a problem here is a list of which models use the Unified and Legacy (96.43.xx and 71.86.xx) Drivers for reference. (This is not a problem with ATI cards)
  • DVI Outputs: Userful Multiplier version 320 or less only supports automated configuration of VGA and DVI-convert-to-VGA outputs, cards with DVI ONLY (cards incompatible with DVI to VGA adapters) will most likely not have any output from the DVI slot after the automated configuration is complete. This can be fixed by manually editing the configuration files
  • Userful Multiplier version 325 will support direct DVI (not DVI-D) input without the use of VGA-DVI converter.

Might Work

Any video card supported by Linux (unless listed in the "Known Incompatible" Section below) will likely work just fine with Userful Multiplier. Hence most cards will fit in this "might work" category.

Userful Multiplier is designed to support all single, dual, and quad-headed video cards, supported by X.Org/XFree86. Any video card combinations where you can start X in multi-headed mode (i.e. multi-monitor, multi-display) should work with Userful Multiplier.

Below is a partial list of untested cards which may work.

  • Cards with DISPLAYPORT
  • ATI
    • Rage XL QUAD Display Card
    • e-GeForce 6200

If you have purchased a card (not listed in our "Known Incompatible" section below) with which you are encountering problems, please email us at and we will work with you to help resolve the problem.

Known Incompatible

  • Cards with a HDMI or DisplayPort standalone port (does not include DVI-to-HDMI adapter port)
  • ATI
    • Dual-Head Radeon Mobility series
    • Radeon HD 4000 series
    • Radeon HD 5000 series
    • GeForce 100/200 Series
  • Intel
    • Intel NM10 Express Graphics chipset (usually found together with Intel Atom processors), as on:
      • Intel D510MO/D410PT motherboards

Please do not purchase these for use with Userful Multiplier, nor contact Userful Support regarding these video cards. Support for these video cards may be included in future releases. However, they are currently not supported.