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(Updated 2014.07.04)

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Thank you for choosing Userful Desktop™ 8, the world’s best and most complete public computing solution.

This is a part of the Userful Desktop™ 8 Administrator Manual. To view the complete manual, please click here.

Troubleshooting Userful Desktop 8

This section presents solutions to the most commonly encountered troubleshooting tasks. For a comprehensive list of troubleshooting tips, please visit

Keyboard does not work

Press the “Caps Lock” or “Num Lock” key. Do the corresponding LEDs illuminate or turn off?

  • If not, re-connect (disconnect and reconnect the keyboard). If this still does not resolve the problem there is possibly a problem with the keyboard or the USB port. Try a different keyboard, or try the problem keyboard at a different Station.
  • If the "Caps Lock" light illuminates in response to your key presses but the keyboard does not work:
    • Restart the station (Ctrl+Alt+Del)
    • Unlink and re-assign the keyboard (Ctrl+Alt+Break) then press the correct F-key to re-link (this is in case this keyboard has been mis-assigned)
    • Unlink and re-assign all keyboards connected to the machine (in case another keyboard has been mis-assigned)
    • Use Remote Monitoring and Control from another station or computer and perform a Hard Reset.
    • Reboot the computer (or schedule a reboot from Admin Mode using another station)

Single station frozen

If the display is frozen in an abnormal state or part way through an operation, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart that station. However if the station appears to be in a normal state (e.g., either the welcome screen, desktop or web browser or screensaver appears to be displaying normally) but the keyboard/mouse does not respond, it is most likely that the keyboard has disconnected. See “Keyboard does not work”, above.

If the above methods do not reset the station, press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to forcefully stop and restart the station.

All stations frozen

Shut down the Userful Desktop by pressing and holding the power button for four seconds. Press and release the power button to restart the Userful Desktop.

Mouse does not work

Is the LED (red light on the bottom of the optical mouse) illuminated? If not, try disconnecting and re-connecting the mouse. If this fails follow the instructions for troubleshooting keyboards.

The station is working (the cursor moves) but Ctrl+Alt+Del/A/R/F/T do not work

An active menu (created by a right-click or pull down) steals the key-press. Close the menu and try again.

Userful Desktop will not turn on

Turn off the switch on the computer (at the back of the computer; the I/O (power) switch has a circle on one side and a line on the other. Pressing the side with the circle turns the power OFF.), or unplug and reconnect the power cord. Then retry the power button to turn on the Userful Desktop again. If the computer still shows no sign of life but the wall plug is working the problem may be a faulty PC power supply. Contact Userful for support.

Power button does not turn off the computer

Press and hold the power button (typically on the front or top of the computer) for at least ten seconds. If this does not work, turn off the power switch on the computer (at the back of the computer; the I/O (power) switch has a circle on one side and a line on the other. Pressing the side with the circle turns the power OFF.) and unplug the power cord from the back of the computer. Wait 10 seconds, then reconnect the power.

One monitor receives no signal

Check that the monitor cable is firmly connected to the correct VGA port on the back of the computer and any extension cables. Also ensure that thumb screws have been tightened.

Userful Desktop will not print

See Managing the Print Queue and Printer Troubleshooting.

Foreign fonts do not work

Please refer to the section on Using Foreign Input.

Frequent unexpected reboot or freezing

These may be symptoms of hardware failure or overheating. Make sure the computer tower has adequate ventilation or contact Customer Support.