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(Updated 2016.05.13)

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Aside from creating, managing and distributing temporary barcodes from within your own ILS, Userful Desktop has a couple of easy methods to allow "Guest" library patrons to log in.

The method used will depend on if you use Userful Pre-Book or not.

Userful Desktop

Station view in RMC

In Userful Remote Monitoring and Control, logging in a station is as simple as clicking the third icon next to each individual station, the computer with the curled arrow above it. This will log the station into the default Session Profile, the first one on the list.

NOTE: Users logged in in this manner have no credentials. If they go to submit print jobs, their user may show up as "stn_#" rather than a barcode, where "#" represents the station number they were using.


Temporary logins in Pre-Book

Userful Pre-Book has the ability to create and manage temporary guest passes extremely quickly. Any library staff with supplied credentials can log in and create an appropriate number of passes with just a few clicks.

  • From the Staff login, click "Temporary Barcodes" on the right side.
  • Enter the number of passes you would like to create, and specify the patron type (if necessary).
  • Require a PIN if necessary.
  • Click "Add" to create the logins.

Logins can then be distributed as staff see fit - the page can be printed and the codes cut up, written on scrap paper, etc.

Warning: If you use Userful Pre-Book to manage your sessions, the Pre-Book method of managing guest passes should always be used. Pre-Book is not aware of sessions started with Remote Monitoring and Control, and reservation conflicts will occur.