How to Listen to Audio CDs with Userful Desktop™ 8

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With Userful Desktop 8, audio CDs do not play automatically, and must be opened manually. This allows a single user to play audio CDs from the system tower optical disk player without disrupting other users.

Audio CDs are accessed through the Rhythmbox music management application.

To Play an Audio CD with Rhythmbox

From Tthe Desktop

  1. Insert audio CD.
  1. Double-click the "Computer" icon on the Desktop to open the File Browser.
  2. Double-click on the "Audio Disk" icon to mount and open the CD.

  1. From the CD file explorer window, click on the "Open Rhythmbox" button.

  1. Start audio playback in Rhythmbox.

From Within Rhythmbox

  1. Insert audio CD.
  1. Open Rhythmbox application.

  1. Go to Music > Import Folder to import music files from the audio CD.

  1. Select "Audio Disc" from the "Places" navigation panel and click "Open".

  1. Start audio playback in Rhythmbox.