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(Updated 2010.01.04)


UM 3.0 Usage Report.

Have you wondered:

  • How many people are using my Userful Desktops?
  • Do I need to expand my available stations?
  • What is the busiest time for my computers?
  • Which locations are getting the most/least use?

Userful Manager allows you to answer all of these questions and more. View detailed information for all your Userful Desktops with Userful Manager's Usage Reports feature.

How to Use It

  1. Visit to begin. Log in with your email address and Userful Manager password.
    Setting the scope of the results you would like.
  2. At the Solutions Expert, click on Usage Reports. You may also go directly to if you are already logged in to Userful Manager.
  3. Set the scope of your results using the drag-down boxes.
  4. You are then given overview data with links in boxes.
  5. Click on the links to drill down for more detailed reports.
  6. Check out the environmental footprint report in the overview page's "Annual Environmental Savings" section.

How It Works

Every day, Userful Desktops upload their usage log data to the secure central reporting system in Userful Manager. When the reporting system receives an upload from a computer it interprets it and places the data into a database. The Usage Report interface lets administrators select the computers, locations and time period they want included in the report. It then gives overview data and allows the administrator to drill down to specialized reports for more detailed analysis. You can also download the raw usage data or view your environmental savings.


  • Easily calculate your environmental savings.
  • Make informed decisions on policy, capacity, and desktop settings.
  • Provide critical usage and capacity data to stakeholders.
  • Easily fulfill grant and government reporting requirements.
  • Drill down to view detailed analysis of any individual problem.

Reports Are...

  • Flexible -- view reports for individual machines (or groups of machines) over any time period. Use graphical charts provided or import tabular data into your own reporting software.
  • Detailed -- reports show Application Usage, Computer Usage, Peak Usage (busiest hours and days), Internet Usage, Popular Websites and web-searches (full list available), and much more.
  • Secure -- reports are only accessible to authenticated administrators.