Userful DL-Driver™ for Linux: Debut FAQs

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(Updated 2015.09.25)

DisplayLink® is a registered trademark of DisplayLink Corporation.


Userful presents a work-in-progress solution to help Linux users take advantage of the recent surge of DisplayLink® hardware: The Userful DL-Driver™.

The driver is comparable in performance to DisplayLink's Windows drivers, and -- because it is an driver -- does not require kernel changes.

The Userful DL-Driver for Linux V.0.90 Beta release offers:

  • support for X.Org X server 1.5 and later
  • 16- and 24-bits per pixel color depth support
  • support for multiple DisplayLink devices
  • basic 2D acceleration
  • Xv extension support with a lossy compression algorithm for increased performance

For more information on the Userful DL-Driver Software, please see the V.0.90 Beta Release Notes.


Q: How does this driver compare with the open source driver?
A: This driver includes compression and acceleration and is comparable to Displaylink's Windows drivers in terms of performance. It is also designed to be quickly and easily installed without requiring any kernel changes.
Q: Will this be open sourced?
A: It is not possible for Userful to open source the driver at this time. There is a plan in place to open source this driver in the future. In the meantime, we wanted to ensure individuals running Linux had access to this driver and that Linux wasn't the poor second cousin to Windows in terms of support for the important emerging category of USB connected video devices.
Q: In simple terms, what does the license for this software allow me to do?
A: You may download and use the driver for personal use. You may not distribute the driver (that is, you may not include it on a CD nor post it on a website). If you want to use the driver for non-personal use or if you want to distribute the driver you need to make prior arrangements with Userful before you do so. Please send an email to if you wish to make such arrangements.
Q: What DisplayLink devices is it designed to support?
A: The driver is designed to support all DisplayLink chipsets. As this is a beta release we haven't tested it with all devices. We are very interested in your feedback and suggestions.
Q: How do I report problems?
A: Please send an email to We are grateful for all comments, bug-reports, and suggestions, and all will be read and considered. However since time is precious and the driver is still under intense development, we will be unable to respond to all inquiries or problem reports.
Q: Userful looks like a cool company. Can I come work for you?
A: Yes! Userful is hiring. If you love Linux and want to make a difference in the world (connecting the world's children through low-cost green computers) please consider applying for one of our openings.
Q: When will I be able to use USB stations with Userful's industry leading multiseat software?
A: Userful has supported multiseat USB video adaptors through manual configuration dating back to 2006. So you can already do this through manual configuration -- see "Configuring a USB to VGA Adapter" section for instructions.
In more exciting news, Userful has launched the beta release of Userful MultiSeat 4.0, which has built-in support for USB stations -- see the documentation for more information.