Assigning Unique IP Addresses for Userful Desktop™ Stations

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(Updated 2012.08.01)

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Userful Desktop can be configured to assign each station its own IP address.


To configure multiple IP addresses for each Userful Desktop host computer:

  1. Start the Network configuration tool.
    • This can be done either from the initial setup "Network" session or by clicking the "Network" icon on the admin mode desktop.
  2. Configure a static IP address, along with a subnet mask and a gateway address.
  3. Check the "Enable Multiple IP Addresses".
  4. Click the "Configure Multiple IP address..." button.
    • A "Multi-IP Config" dialog will appear.
  5. Enter an IP address for each station.
    • It is okay for multiple stations to share one IP address.
  6. Click OK on the "Multi-IP Config" dialog.
  7. Click OK on the "Userful Network Configuration" dialog.
    • Settings will be applied right away. There is no need to logout.