Userful Manager Frequently Asked Questions

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(Updated 2010.01.04)

Q: What is Userful Manager?

A: Userful Manager is a Web application, a portal on the Internet that allows you to customize the look and behaviour of your Userful Desktop computers.

Q: Do I have the latest version of UM?

A: Yes. Userful Manager resides on our server, rather than on our customers' machines. This way, when we update Userful Manager, everyone gets the changes at the same time. So, yes, you definitely have the latest version of UM available to you.

Q: What settings are available for Web filters in UM?

A: Currently there are three settings: White List, Black List, and Phrase Limit. Please refer to "Troubleshooting Web Filtering" for more details.

Q: What happened to Network Personalizer?

A: Network Personalizer's name was changed to Userful Manager. If you are already familiar with Network Personalizer, then you should be quite alright.