FAQs: Browsing the Web with Userful Desktop

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(Updated 2015.09.29)

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Web Browsing

Q: Why can't I see some of the content (even though I see their website)?

It may be because some things are being blocked or filtered. Here are some possible reasons:

  • Popups are blocked -- popups are windows that "pop up" when you go to certain websites. Popup windows are often used for advertising, and many people are, therefore, sick of seeing them. As a result, many modern Web browsers will often block these popup windows by default. You can change this setting for Userful Desktop by going into Userful Manager and modifying the Session Profile in which you wish to allow popups.
  • Some content is being filtered -- if your Web filter's black list is too strict, it may not be allowing some of the content to get through. For example, your filter may only allow users to see your company's website, but your website has links to other websites. If this is the case, those links will not work. This may results in certain Web pages, images, or text to not appear. To fix this, you need to adjust your Web filter.

Q: Why do some online games affect other sessions?

Games demand a great deal of computer memory and processing power. Some games will soak up so much of the Userful Desktop's resources that other stations slow down significantly or even seem to completely freeze. What can you do about it?

  • Create a Web filter that blocks the game site. Please have a look at how to do this.
  • Turn on Performance Filtering in Userful Manager. Check out the instructions.
  • Tell the user to stay away from those game sites. (Some companies have a policy of not filtering any websites at all, so this may be the only recourse.)

Q: Why should I use Firefox?


Firefox is an open-source browser that is becoming increasingly popular. The current stable version of Userful Desktop comes with the Firefox browser. Mozilla Firefox provides:

  • A robust, secure, and fast Web browsing experience.
  • Improved access to browser-restricted Web content (some websites intentionally block unfamiliar browsers such as Epiphany, Opera, etc.).
  • Improved printer compatibility (some websites have fancy printing which they test in Firefox and Internet Explorer, but not other browsers).

Firefox is the default web browser for Userful Desktop, but Epiphany is also installed. Administrators can specify which browser should be the default browser from Desktop Profiles in Userful Manager.