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(Updated 2010.01.04)

Q: What if my print job queue is blocked or print jobs are not printing?

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A: Use the CUPS print management tool.

Sometimes a print job will cause printing problems, possibly for all stations using the same print server. Or, a user may have started several extra print jobs, and one or more are still sitting in the print queue waiting to print. In either case, you can use CUPS (Common Unix/Linux Printing System) to clean things up.

Checking and managing your printers and print job queue involves the following basic steps:

  1. Start the CUPS print management tool.
  2. Start the print job queue or clear jobs from the queue as needed.

For detailed instructions, please see one of the following documents:

Q: What if my printer does not appear to be working properly?

A: Check cable connections and reset the print services

If your printer is connected by USB or parallel port, ensure that the cable is properly connected to both the machine and the printer. Ensure the printer is on, and has paper and ink. If there are any red blinking lights on the printer, that is generally an indicator that something is amiss with the printer.

If your printer is connected to your network, see if you can find the IP address of the printer (or the name of the Samba share if that is how it is connected), as well as the printer's connection to the network.

Log in to Administrator Mode, and click on the "Advanced Tools" folder. Double-click the "Reset Print Services" icon, and then try printing once more. WARNING - <bold>Resetting the print services will clear out the printing queue, so make sure that the customer's documents are saved and can be reprinted.</bold>