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Q: Error: [IP ADDRESS]: This computer has no stations accessible with the supplied credentials.

A: It is likely that the username and password supplied are incorrect.

To resolve:

  1. Log out of DA using the 'Logout' link.
  2. Verify the Administrator password in Userful Manager.
  3. Attempt to log in to DA using the login name 'admin' (without the quotes) and the Administrator password as specified in UM.

Note: The login name is 'admin' (without the quotes), not 'Administrator' nor any other variation. You may also use the login 'staff' with the Staff password registered in Userful Manager.

Q: How are stations numbered in DA?

A: The station numbering labeling corresponds to the numbering on the Welcome Screen. Overall station number is configured in Userful Manager.

Q: Is it possible to display a screenshot of all the stations in the preview pane (without actually expanding the individual machine)?

A: We plan to officially support this in the future. Please contact Daniel@userful.com if you would like to test the development version of this feature.

Q: Why does DA show VNC stations as in use when no one was logged in via VNC?

A: The station being green-colored means the session is running, it does not necessarily mean that someone is connected via VNC. The session does not end when the VNC client is disconnected.

Q: How do I resolve a 502 or 504 error in Internet Explorer?

A: If error 502 or 504 appears as an error in its own dialog box, that indicates that there is a (usually temporary) Internet gateway error between the computer running the DA client a browser, and the Userful Desktop being administrated. DiscoverAssist versions 0.7.5b and later ignore 502 and 504 errors because virtually nothing can be done through Userful Desktop software to resolve temporary gateway errors (the gateway errors are presumed to be temporary because the browser would not have been able to connect to DiscoverAssist at all if the gateway was persistently down).

Q: Why does DA station status not update?

A: DiscoverAssist updates the status of stations on a 5-second cycle. Every five seconds, it attempts to contact the Userful Desktop computer to obtain the status of the next station. This request is made asynchronously and is non-blocking. That is, if there is no response to a request for an update, DA ignores the error. This also means that the most recent response received for a particular station, whether or not it arrived out of order, is taken to be the current state of the station. If the browser stops executing JavaScript (which runs the timer) due to another error, no further updates wiill happen until the page is reloaded.