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(Updated 2009.03.12)

Q. What is a Live CD? How do I use it?

A "Live CD" is a bootable CD which has a complete, self-contained and pre-configured operating system. It doesn't install anything on your hard disk. You just insert the CD into your CD drive and restart the computer. It will boot from the CD and you can start using Userful's software on your machine right away. In fact, you can even run a Live CD on a computer which has no hard-disk. All programs run directly from the CD. It doesn't alter your original software so it's convenient for testing or demonstration purposes.

There is an installation guide that will show you how to burn and use the disc.

Q. Why is my Live CD slow?

Booting from a CD takes quite a bit longer than booting from a hard disk. It usually takes several minutes to fully load. Once the software is finished loading, provided you have enough RAM in your system, performance should be much faster, and closer to what you would see on a fully installed Userful System running from a hard-disk. The more RAM your computer has, the less often it will need to read from the CD and the better the performance.

Q. What if the Internet doesn't work?

Provided the network cable is connected on boot-up, most DHCP networks should work automatically. If not, you will need to go into "Administrator Mode" to set up your network. To do this press Ctrl-Alt-A, then enter the password livecd. Since this is a Live CD, your changes can't be saved so you'll likely need to repeat this process the next time you reboot.

Q. What passwords do I need to know and what do they do?

For this Live CD, all passwords have been set to livecd. Consult the Administrator Guide for more information on the various passwords and what you can do with them.

Q. What is the root password?

Live CD.

Q. What happens with the documents I create using the Live CD?

Since it's primarily for demonstration purposes, the Live CD doesn't write to your hard-disk. When you restart your computer or log out of a session, it returns completely to its original state. All documents created, bookmarks created, and emails downloaded are gone. Just use a USB flash drive or web-based email account to store your files.

Q. What kind of computer can I use?

Most standard PCs will work with the Live CD. If you want to try the two-station features, you need a computer with 2 monitors connected, using a dual-head video card (two video ports on the same card), and an extra USB keyboard and mouse.

Q. What applications are included, and how do I find them?

To start up a program, click the Start Here button on the lower left to begin. The programs may have different names than you're used to, but they do the same things. In the Internet grouping, you'll have access to both Mozilla Firefox (recommended) and Epiphany Web browsers. Within the Graphics grouping, you can view pictures with the gThumb Image Viewer. The Sound & Video grouping gives you access to the CD Player, as well as Audacious and GNOME MPlayer for playing various types of digital media. There's also a full bundle of Open Office applications. Here's a full list of included application software.

Q. What do those symbols at the bottom mean?

When you start a session, a bar appears at the bottom of the screen. The diagram below shows its various parts.


The session timer clock shows the time remaining before the session will automatically end (some session types may not use this). The middle of the bar is where buttons for each open application will appear, allowing the user to easily switch between active applications. Some of these parts may not appear depending on the kind of session being used.

Q. How do I print?

Since everyone has different printers, there is no default printer set up. You can configure one by following our online instructions. Remember, though, that since nothing is written to your hard disk, any configuration will be lost when you turn off the computer.

Q. What if I can't see something in the web browser?

Please see our browser-specific FAQs for troubleshooting tips.

Q. Can I have more than 2 users on my computer?

Sure! Userful supports up to 10 simultaneous users per computer. This is one of Userful software's most powerful features. With the right hardware, you can multiply the number of stations on one computer. If you already have it working with two stations, in most cases you can just add more of the same video cards (for details, please see documentation on how to choose a graphics card). If you already have the hardware you can just purchase the software expansion licenses from us directly.

Q. Where can I talk to other users?

You can discuss Userful Live CD in our forum.

Q. Where can I find more documentation?

The full documentation is available online. Please note, this documentation is written for our full, installed product, so there are some differences with the Live CD. Here is some recommended reading: New Features, Training Guide for New Users & Administrators, Administrator Guide.