Installing Operating Systems with SATA Optical Drives FAQ

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(Updated 2015.09.25)

Questions Answered

Audience: Userful Desktop Customers

  • How do I install operating systems with SATA drives?
  • Why can't I install operating systems using SATA drives?

Why can't I install Userful Desktop™ (or another operating system) using my SATA CD/DVD drive?

To install operating systems such as Userful Desktop™ and other Linux distributions, you must be able to boot your computer from the install disk (CD- or DVD-ROM).

Because SATA (serial ATA) optical drives are fairly new technology, many BIOS/motherboards do not yet fully support them, and do not allow you to set a SATA optical drive as the boot device.

Unfortunately, there is no software workaround. The only solution is to use a PATA (parallel ATA) optical drive to install Userful Desktop™ (or another Linux OS as a platform for Userful Multiplier™) from a CD or DVD install disk. An inexpensive, external PATA optical drive, used just for distro install, is a good solution and can be used for installation on multiple systems.