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(Updated 2017.10.17)

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With Userful™, licensing is quickly and easily managed from the Control Center > Settings. Various licensing options help you choose what works best for you. To deploy the full version of Userful™ you will need a valid license.

This section explains the different licensing options available and helps users determine core licensing requirements for deploying Userful solution.


Unlicensed version of Userful is not a commercial product but fully functional option for those who want to test the solution before purchasing. It will display a brief registration reminder on all attached displays every 20 minutes or so.


Basic license is for Desktops & Public Use Kiosks; it supports independent stand-alone displays and is suitable for individual signage players, or touch kiosks.


Standard license is for 2x2 Video Wall & Single Displays; it supports only a single grid video wall (max. size - 2x2) along with unlimited number of standalone displays.


Professional license if for Grid Video Walls; it supports all grid video walls other than 2x2 allowing a mix of both portrait and landscape rotation, along with limited number of zones per system. It also offers 90 degree rotation of individual displays under artistic layout video wall.


Creative license is for Artistic Video Walls; it supports artistic "mosaic" features with any angle rotation of a video wall or individual displays within a video wall, along with unlimited number of zones. It also allows ad-hoc placement of displays anywhere on the canvas.


Ultimate license is for Control Video Walls; it supports any angle rotation of a video wall or individual displays within a video wall, along with unlimited number of zones. It is for advanced video wall use offering Multi-Window and Picture-In-Picture source.


  • Licensing registration requires Internet access.
  • You can upgrade your license any time. Once you receive confirmation of the upgrade, please reboot your Userful host.

Please consult your sales representative or send an email to to obtain licenses and for other related information.

Visit Manage Licensing section under Control Center > Settings for information about obtaining and installing a license key.

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