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(Updated 2017.06.23)


Before contacting Userful support, please ensure your Userful host is connected to a network that enables Internet access. This is crucial in order for Userful to deliver the best possible support experience, and may be necessary in order to receive live telephone support. We highly recommend that the system has a continuous or at least readily available Internet access in its final location.

An Internet connection will ensure:

  • Direct and easy access for a Support representative to access and diagnose potential issues.
  • Availability of software updates that deliver performance enhancements, new features, bug fixes, and critical security patches.
  • Easy management of your software license – increasing the number of displays or adding features.
  • Access to Userful Cloud which will greatly enhance the features available in Userful and allows the Support team efficient access to your system when needed.
  • Easy problem reporting with the Control Center’s “Submit a Report” function, which sends Userful vital system information which may be crucial to diagnosing the problem.

Userful systems that are not connected to the Internet may be restricted to email support only, depending on the type of problem. This is necessary to ensure conveyed instructions and commands are not at risk of being misinterpreted which could cause system damage and data loss.

Why is phone support not available?

Our technical support very frequently involves entering Linux commands that navigate the file system, alter configuration files, add, remove or move files, etc. To try and convey these commands over a phone or other voice connection is very slow and might result in damage or loss of your operating system. For this reason when it is necessary to relay commands, we require the use of email.

This also allows us time to properly test and verify these commands in our own environment and reduce the time spent on the phone validating and then relaying commands. We can also spend time developing and adding other commands if the initial procedures fail for whatever reason.

I paid full price for support, I should get full support!

We completely agree but this is not meant to degrade your support experience in any way. We believe that this approach is easier, safer and more efficient for both parties.

How to Get Userful™ Technical Support

If you ever need help or have a question about Userful™, here are some tips:

  • Visit our Support Page at It has lots of useful information about installation, trouble-shooting, and recommendations.

  • Fill out the Problem Report form available under Control Center > Support > Submit Trouble Report to Support, including your full email address and name, and as much information as you can about what you need help with. Click the "Submit" button to create a ticket.

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