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(Updated 2015.10.01)


This document lists changes made to Userful Manager™. Most recent changes are at the top.

Userful Manager is a web service that lets you manage and monitor your Userful Desktop™ computers.


UM 330-20151001

  • Added support for Amharic font (12365)
  • Enabled full-screen feature for kiosk sessions (12438)
  • Added new field for station numbering (11072)
  • Cleaned-up inactive accounts (12502)
  • Disabled pdf.js in Firefox and Chrome (10259)
  • Fixed issue where UM server throws database error (12345)
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements (10398)


UM 329-20140711

Userful Manager 329 feature enhance update released July 11, 2014

  • Display correct external IP addresses instead of (6642)
  • Fixed issue where user cannot register Haswell system as known machine (10033)
  • Display exact number of stations assigned to UD machines (7699,10008)
  • Update/Identification process stabilized(10189)
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements


UM 328-20130904

Userful Manager 328 feature enhancement update released September 3,2013

  • Fixed issue with "Run Program as Root" not functioning in certain conditions (8543)
  • Resolved issue with incorrect config file generated (8684)
  • Restore settings feature based on MAC address (8660)
  • Resolved error when changing filters (8776)
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements to support LATAM

UM 327-20130710

Userful Manager 327 feature enhancement update released July 10,2013

  • Default disk space per session increased from 100MB to 1GB (8412)
  • Fixed issue with licensing while upgrading UD (8421)
  • Fixed issue where multiple auto-response e-mails were sent after UD download (8150)
  • Minor bug fixes

UM 326-20130516

Userful Manager 326 feature enhancement update released May 16, 2013

  • Introduced feature to apply configuration and register cloned machines (8254)

UM 325-20130507

Userful Manager 325 feature enhancement update released May 7, 2013

  • Fixed an issue with adding Location from Customer Details Page (8153)

UM 324-20130422

Userful Manager 324 feature enhancement update released April 22, 2013

  • Fixed an issue where customers could not be created (8109)
  • Minor Bug fixes
  • Removed deprecated broken link (8163)

UM 323-20130307

Userful Manager 323 feature enhancement update released March 07, 2013.

  • Removed Prebook Demo from UM and have separate place for it: (6746)
  • Showing correct external IP addresses instead of (6642)
  • Machines properly showing up as Userful Desktop (7106)
  • Up to Date Campaign forms (7175)
  • Decreased loading time per page (7726)
  • Navigation has been properly updated (7620)
  • Shifted styles around so it can make load time faster
  • Removed all depreciated functions (6104)


UM 322-20121018

Userful Manager 322 feature enhancement update released October 18th, 2012.

  • Minor Bug fixes

UM 321-20120627

Userful Manager 321 feature enhancement update released June 27th, 2012.

  • Persistent Desktop has been created, End users able to log in like a user desktop
  • Minor Bug fixes

UM 320-20120522

Userful Manager 320 feature enhancement update released May 22nd, 2012.

  • Fixed date validation bug in usage reports

UM 319-20120501

Userful Manager 319 feature enhancement update released May 1st, 2012.

  • Indefinite public storage now available.(UD 8.0.3)
  • Public storage files can now be edited even after logout. (UD 8.0.3)
  • License limit has been increased
  • Fixed some minor bugs

UM 318-20120321

Userful Manager 318 feature enhancement update released March 27th, 2012.

  • Google Chrome can now be the default browser (UD 8)
  • You can now clone printer profiles, as well as set whether or not they should be shared on the network.
  • Fixed some minor bugs

UM 317-20120216

Userful Manager 317 feature enhancement update released February 29th, 2012.

  • Printer uploading functionality
  • Enabling shared storage now optional
  • Fixed some minor bugs


UM 316-20111006

Userful Manager 316 bug fix update released October 12, 2011.

  • Bug fixes for print cost policies and printing receipts

UM 315-20110802

Userful Manager 315 feature enhancement update released August 02, 2011.

  • Fixed bugs affecting access control
  • Usage Reports are now compatible with computers which have changed locations
  • Userful Desktop authentication password field can now be a textbox

UM 314-20110603

Userful Manager 314 feature enhancement update released June 03, 2011.

  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Added multi-language support to campaign system.

UM 313-20110331

Userful Manager 313 feature enhancement update released March 31, 2011.

This release provides some evolutionary improvements to parallel improvements in Userful Desktop.


  • A number of enhancements for session configuration, including:
    • More robust handling of web filters, applying configuration to multiple computers, station numbering, etc.
  • Usability improvements to make some common tasks easier and less error prone.
  • Improved features for customer support and software update management.
  • Improved performance and stability.

Session configuration improvements:

  • Dansguardian web filter limits are now properly enforced. Now users can only create up to 7 custom filters. [1063]
  • Along with other administrative passwords, the computer's GRUB password can now be changed through Userful Manager. [1574]
  • Employees with read-only privileges are now able to register a computer. [2017]
  • Added a "Default Printer Policy" field to the "Edit Location" page, allowing a customer location to have a default print policy for all computers. This makes configuration of a new computer a bit simpler. [3504]
  • Custom desktop icons now properly use .desktop extension, making them ready for future versions of Userful Desktop. [3694]
  • Improved structure and customizability of Userful Desktop's Start Menu. [3724, 3725]
  • Improved feedback and queue control when building configurations for multiple computers. [3779]
    • Now, when configurations are being built for multiple computers (by using the "Apply Configuration" feature in Solutions Expert > Computers), refreshing the computers list will show the different states of the configurations:
      • In queue. [REMOVE] -- the computer is waiting for its configuration to be built. Clicking on REMOVE will remove the computer from the queue, so that its configuration will not be built.
      • Processing... -- the computer's configuration is currently being processed.
      • Build configuration failed -- the computer's configuration could not be built due to some error.
  • Proper enforcement of limits for station numbers. [3799]
    • Previously, the "Begin numbering at" field for station numbers in Solutions Expert > Computers > [Machine Name] > Stations accepted out-of-range values. Since these station numbers are also used in some underlying functionality in Userful Desktop, they are now restricted to a sane range (1 to 1000).
  • Improved handling of default screen saver configuration. The default screen saver is now always available. [4386]

Desktop support and update management enhancements:

  • Additional network configuration data is now captured to help with configuration of other computers and support. [1079]
  • Improved mechanism for determining and describing a machine's Userful Desktop software version. [3081, 4381]
  • Usability improvements for administrators' software update group pages. [3737]
  • Now, when a computer's Userful Desktop is reinstalled and matched to the previous Userful Manager configuration, its software update track and group is automatically copied to the new profile. This makes for one less step to remember when reinstalling machines. [3986]
  • New user interface for administrators to check the status of computers' System Restore feature. In the future, this System Restore feature should provide a mechanism for "disc-free" system upgrades. [4389]

User interface enhancements:

  • Added more cross-links between related pages for easier navigation, configuration, and reference. [1265, 4424]
  • Entitlements interface is much more usable; reformatted and made sortable. [2773]
  • List of Locations in drop-down for Computers page is now sorted alphabetically. [3781]
  • Minor web page rendering improvements. [4417]
  • Improved administrative interface for notification mail-out system, including support for future Userful Desktop platform. [4429]
  • Improved internationalization support for common user interfaces in Userful Manager. [4469]

Performance & stability improvements:

  • ZIP'd HTML files can now be properly removed. [1612]
  • Improved validation of various configuration fields (passwords, port numbers, URLs, etc.). [2975, 3697, 3778, 4103, 4118]
  • Removed duplicate configuration of audio. [3053]
  • Ensure that Userful Manager configuration packages set proper permissions on related directories. [3240]
  • Optimized database handling for list of Welcome Screens. [3621]
  • Graceful handling of dual-save error when creating new Session Profiles. [3847]
  • Minor adjustments to keep in step with Linux authentication framework requirements. [4065]
  • The list of deleted computers will no longer generate a location peer list. [4080]
  • Notification mail-out system fixed. [4332]
  • Improved user interface support for Google Chrome browser. [4362]
  • Other minor user interface improvements (image fixes, textual fixes, navigation bar menu rendering, etc.). [3072, 3073, 3696, 4374, 4380, 1390, 4564]
  • Closed minor permissions loophole for artwork page. [4419]
  • Fixed handling of new customers so that default Desktop Profiles are properly in place. [4607]


UM 312-20101215

Userful Manager 312 provided a couple of minor bug fixes needed internally. It was released December 15, 2010.

UM 311-20100726

Userful Manager 311 is a maintenance update released July 26, 2010.

This release is primarily a stability and performance update.


  • Improved robustness of Usage Reports.
  • Improved software update administration features.
  • Improved stability and fault tolerance.

Performance & stability improvements:

  • User's home page has been optimized to remove rarely used queries. [3670]
  • Various fixes for more robust handling of Usage Reports.
    • Effectively pulling data to get missing days. [3609]
    • Handling unusual cases where usage data files have incomplete names. [3629]
  • Cleaner handling of Userful Multiplier debug information package submissions. [3712]
  • Optimization of database connections. [3764]
  • More robust handling of building configurations for certain edge cases. [3774]

Management and administration feature enhancements:

  • NEW: A new "Default Printer Policy" feature has been added to Userful Manager. [3504]
    • The old defaulting mechanism proved to be unsatisfactory in some situations. This new feature allows you to set the printer policy you want automatically used on new computers. Each location can have its own default printer policy. Once you install and register a new Userful Desktop computer, it will use this policy without further configuration.
    Go to Solutions Expert > Locations > Edit Location > Default Printer Policy. You can select which printer policy to use for this location from the list.
    • A future update to Userful Desktop is required to fully take advantage of this feature.
  • Improved handling of usage data pull rescheduling feature. [3710]
  • Significantly improved usability for software update group control interface. [3737]
  • Improvements for hosted forms.
    • Hosted forms now have basic spam protection. [949]
    • Enhanced handling of business rules for hosted forms. [1460]
    • Improved usability of special email links in HTML formatted emails. [3768]

UM 310-20100526

Userful Manager 310 offers some incremental improvements as listed below. These changes were released May 26, 2010.

Please note that some of these features require the proper corresponding version of Userful Desktop. (If you don't have the correct version for a certain feature, it will not cause problems.)


  • NEW: Usage Reports has some significant usability improvements. Setting scope is less confusing, and resulting reports are more useful than before.
The new "Machines within time period" filter makes sure that you only see computers used within the reporting period. Machines are also listed using their current names and locations, making it much easier to identify them.
  • NEW: "Lock Station" feature has been added for improved security for end users. Also known as the "bathroom break" feature, this allows the user to temporarily lock a station with a password of their choice.
    1. Go to Solutions Expert > Desktop Profiles > Edit Desktop Profile > Start Menu.
    2. Select Enable Lock Station Item. This will add the Lock Station item to Userful Desktop's Start Menu.
    3. Apply configuration to your Userful Desktops.
    4. When the end user clicks on Lock Station, they will be asked to choose a password. When they return to the computer and enter the password, they can continue their session.
  • Further improvements have been made for multi-language support.
  • Some important bug fixes and enhancements.

User interface improvements:

  • Customer employee phone numbers can now be up to 50 characters long. [#2645]
  • Changing a computer's location will now return you to the new location. [#2981]
  • Improved default settings for Extra Modules. [#2988]
  • Administration interface for customer list sorting fixed. [#3145]
  • "Usage Reports: Set the Scope" usability improvements. [#3425]
    • Date range is now placed at the top of the form, to indicate that changes to the date range will cause the fields below to only display options that are meaningful for the date period. For example, if an old computer was decommissioned before the date range, it will no longer appear in the list of machines.
    • A new "Machine Filter" has been added to determine which computers to list as available for the Usage Report. This now allows the user to easily target computers that were in use during the time period.
    • Computers moved to other locations or decommissioned will no longer be listed.
    • Current machine names are used instead of original names.
  • Updated branding of "Machine Reboots" page. [#3448]

Session configuration improvements:

  • Added "Lock Station" feature:
    • Added support for a Userful Desktop menu item allowing a user to lock their active session. [#216]
    • Added an option to turn on this feature in "Edit Desktop Profile > Start Menu > Enable Lock Station Item". [#2990]
  • Welcome Screen component run as different user. [#2088]
  • Configuration package versions no longer grow too long (now just an integer). [#2644]
  • Permissions on key directories are set more correctly now. [#3240]

Internationalization support improvements:

  • Authentication instructions can now be customized to suit other languages (see Solutions Expert > Authentication Profiles > Edit Authentication Profile > User Interface). [#3004]
  • Browser start pages now properly support different URLs for different languages. [#3089]

Post-release changes: These are additional changes made after the official 310 release. These were necessary to improve stability or performance.

  • 2010.06.07: Welcome Screens list used a very expensive query, so we have temporarily removed the number of computers using the Welcome Screen from the list to improve performance. Attempting to delete a Welcome Screen in use by a Computer will fail, so there is no danger in removing the extra information from the Welcome Screens list. [#3621]


UM 309-20091201

Userful Manager 309 introduces a number of significant improvements as listed below. These changes will be released December 1, 2009.

Please note that some of these features require the proper corresponding version of Userful Desktop. (If you don't have the correct version for a certain feature, it will not cause problems.)


  • Internationalization support improvements.
  • Significant performance and reliability improvements.
  • New Connection Test tool for troubleshooting connectivity between your Userful Desktops and Userful Manager.
This simple tool should help verify the health of an Internet connection between your computers and Userful Manager. You can get to this tool by going to your Userful Manager Home page and clicking on Connection Test in the Toolbox section.
  • Easily and quickly search for a specific computer based on System ID, MAC address, or IP address.
This feature is very useful for customers and support staff alike. By using the navigation bar's Customer (arrow) > Search for Computer tool, you can now search for a specific computer based on System ID, MAC address, or IP address.
  • Numerous bug-fixes and enhancements.

Session configuration improvements:

  • Application Mode session types have been adjusted to start sessions using a newer command. [#318]
  • Better support for customizing session Start Menus. [#412]
  • Minor user interface improvements to Solutions Catalog. [#575]
  • Improved behavior when copying zero solutions from Solutions Catalog. [#741]
  • Timezones for computers can now be set in Userful Manager. [#884]
  • Proper handling when entering a blank URL in Desktop Profiles. [#958]
  • Welcome Screens with no sessions are no longer accessible from Edit Computer page. [#1456]
  • Firefox is now the default browser for Desktop Profiles. [#1963]
  • Improved run-time settings are used for the Welcome Screen. [#2088]
  • Inappropriate characters in desktop icon filenames are no longer allowed. [#2157]
  • Added an option to start SCIM for all languages. [#2189]
    • SCIM demands resources for every station using it, so it is no longer started automatically for all sessions.
  • Operating hours now properly represent a full day. [#2345]
  • Improved usability clicking "Edit" when already in an Edit page. [#2629]

Authentication support improvements:

  • Added a password protected "pre-fabricated" authentication profile. [#1221]
  • Now allows authentication without an Acceptable Use Policy. [#1223]

Pre-Paid Card support improvements:

  • Method of validating the rates charged for a particular session is now available for users without a Userful Manager account. [#207]
  • List of Pre-Paid Card batches now broken into multiple pages for faster navigation. [#1154]

Internationalization support improvements:

  • Language code for Brazilian Portuguese is now "pt_BR". [#2271]
  • Default language is now "en_US" not "en_CA". [#2340]
  • Solutions Designer and Welcome Screen list will now show Session Profile names in the default language of the Welcome Screen (not forced to English). [#2343]
  • Language codes are now used instead of language names in configuration files. [#2386]
  • Non-ASCII characters (non-Latin characters) in Welcome Screen message text are now properly written to configuration files. [#2485]
  • Configuration files now use localized text matching the active language code. [#2511]
  • Welcome Screen has better support for showing proper session name translations. [#2529]

Resource management improvements:

  • More graceful handling when deleting locations with machines. [#520]
  • Add MAC address search option to the navigation bar's Customer search tool. [#908]
  • Remapping a computer to a different customer now properly handles Welcome Screens mapped to individual stations. [#914]
  • Improved administration for creating Partner accounts. [#1797]
  • New mechanism to help collect usage data from computers when they can't help themselves. [#2098]
  • More graceful handling when trying to remove computers from a customer. [#2274]
  • Added support for print pricing in international currencies. [#2367]
  • Fixed minor interface issue when adding sessions to a Welcome Screen. [#2370]
  • Fixed some permissions issues for Partners and Customers. [#2373,#2481]
  • Added mechanism to delete pending Apply-Configuration actions. [#2626]
  • More consistent use of authentication credentials. [#2839]
  • Added "testing" repository to interface to allow for more responsive delivery of early-testing components. [#2848]

Troubleshooting and server performance improvements:

  • Added self-service network-to-Userful connection test. [#712]
  • Improved webserver cache management. [#2456]
  • Common queries are now better optimized. [#2468]
  • Improved backup service and staging service for Userful Manager. [#2542,#2914]
  • Pre-Book demo support package moved to Userful Manager live server. [#2767]
  • Improved support mechanisms for Userful Multiplier. [#2862]

UM 308-20090429

Userful Manager 308 is another minor release with a set of enhancements and bug fixes. Please see the lists below for details.


  • "Add All" and "Delete All" buttons added for adding/removing supported languages in "Edit Welcome Screen" page. [#226]
  • Admin interface displaying a list of machines on the different update tracks added. [#441]
  • Add fault-tolerance to handle Pre-paid card authentication timing out or being too slow from places such as Africa. [#795]
  • Meaningful error message on duplicate email address sign up attempts added. [#1018]
  • UM notification email re-branded. [#1401]
  • Members drop-down list now includes email addresses for clearer identification. [#1468]
  • Kid's profiles in Solutions Catalog improved. [#1492]
  • UM favicon re-branded. [#1759]
  • Another place on UM that still shows "Network Personalizer" re-branded. [#2004]
  • Changed description for Hospitality Business Center in Solutions Catalog. [#2254]

Bug Fixes

  • Machine identification page is slow & also needs permissions update. [#231]
  • CO2 savings not calculated according to the same formula. [#775]
  • Welcome Screen images do not update in Solutions Designer preview. [#902]
  • Usage Reports don't report everything you ask every time. [#974]
  • Creating "employee account" query did not return any rows. [#1017]
  • Firefox icon needs to be resized. [#1580]
  • URL in Pre-Paid Card email notification includes extra "http://". [#1739]
  • List of mail sites that are always allowed throws an error. [#1760]
  • When installing Userful Desktop, the browser opened lacks navigation bars. [#1905]
  • Classic mode Welcome Screens breaks UD. [#1936]


UM 307-20081201


  • New subsystem for managing customers.
  • Improvements and fixes to machine registration process.
  • Minor improvements to wording in the interface.
  • Now easy to determine Userful Desktop version of a computer.
    1. Go to Solutions Expert > Computers.
    2. Notice the Software Version item in the System Info column.
  • Support for international currencies for Pre-Paid Cards. (#1732)
    1. Go to Solutions Expert > Usage Pricing.
    2. Notice the Currency drop-down list.
  • Integration of beta Licensing System re-implementation (for Userful Multiplier Partners only).
    1. Go to Solutions Expert.
    2. Hover over the navigation bar SOLUTIONS arrow. A menu will pop up.
  • Enhancements to related services.
    • More forms.
    • Usability improvements.
  • Integration of new Partner Center with Userful Manager.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Solutions Designer website thumbnails. (#1707)
  • Improved response message after deleting a Welcome Screen. (#1750)
  • Improved validation for registration forms. (#1319)
  • Fixed link to "Basic Subscription Agreement" in registration page. (#1404)

UM 306-20080925

After a busy summer on many other projects, we've released some minor enhancements to Userful Manager.


  • An "Advanced Customer Search" tool has been added to help find a customer matching various criteria.
    1. Go to the navigation bar and hover over the CUSTOMER arrow.
    2. Click on Advanced Customer Search.
    3. Fill in the search criteria, which may even include Pre-Paid Card numbers or Computer System IDs.
    4. Click on the Search button.
    5. Close the popup window.
  • Features have been added to closely integrate with Userful Manager. This will improve our management of customer data.

Bug Fixes

  • Cleared up issue adding a new employee to an existing customer. (#1017)
  • User interface improvements for user registration. (#1018)

UM 305-20080422

This marks the first official release of Userful Manager, the re-branded Network Personalizer. We hope that this re-branding effort will unify Userful's core products and emphasize their symbiotic partnership.


  • Re-branded to the new Userful Manager name and logo.
  • Unified page master & navigation. The whole site now shares one look. This is the next step to globally improving Userful Manager's usability.
  • Integration with Remote Monitoring & Control (formerly DiscoverAssist)
  • Further simplifications to the machine registration process.
  • Customers now have greater control over Userful Desktops receiving automatic software updates. (#642)
  • Computers can now be put into different groups for automated actions. This is primarily useful for staggering which machines receive updates when. (#806)
  • Support for Novell eDirectory authentication. (#855)

Bug Fixes

  • Improvements to list of Partners. (#517)
  • Welcome Screen background images in Solutions Designer and Solutions Expert are now displaying properly in previews. (#902)
  • Preventing "System not checking in" in cases where it should be. (#919)
  • Several other minor or site admin level bugs have been fixed.

NP 304-20080307

Enhancements & Fixes

  • Various bug fixes, more robust, some interface improvements.
    • Annual energy cost savings estimate added to environmental savings report (#523).
    • Improved control over when automatic DiscoverStation updates happen (#642).
    • Printers can now be assigned to computers from the Edit Printer page (#397).
  • Sample Pre-Paid Cards on Live CD support.
  • New Sign-Up process.
  • Improved look (especially in IE), better CSS, tab support.
  • Minor improvements to Solutions Catalog.
  • Easy link from Solutions Designer to building configuration.

Version 3.03 : 2008.01.31

Minor Fixes & Enhancements

  • Web filters are now properly copied from the Solutions Catalog so that you can now copy prepackaged, pretested filters along with Welcome Screens and Session Profiles. (We will be adding more Solutions soon!)
  • Your can now control which Sessions use Pre-Paid Cards. Go into Edit Session Profile > Basic Settings > Login Restrictions and set it to "Pay Per Use (Pre-Paid Cards)".
  • The default setting for the Num Lock key can now be changed in Edit Computer > Keyboard Layouts > Num Lock. This is especially useful for laptops or cases where the keyboard does not have a separate numeric keypad. (The corresponding DiscoverStation code will be released soon.)
  • If any of your computers are using a software Update Track other than "Stable", it will be noted in bold red letters in your list of computers.
  • Pre-Paid Card refunds can now include decimal values.
  • Many new, classy icons for your Session Profiles.
  • Several enhancements for site administrators.

Redesigned Solutions Designer

Solutions Designer : Preview Welcome Screen.
  • The Solutions Designer has been completely redesigned.
  • Allows you to more accurately preview your Welcome Screens and Session Profiles.
  • Support for Welcome Screen themes.
  • Separate preview and edit modes.
  • All changes can be applied to your computers the same way you would in the Solutions Expert.

Redesigned Machine Registration

Machine Registration Identity Page.
  • The Machine Registration process uses the new NP interface.
  • Vastly simplified interface.
  • Intelligently chooses various settings rather than making you choose (so now there are fewer things to set).
  • More robust and secure.


Version 3 : Dec.28, 2007

A new look

New Log In page.
  • New Log In/Register pages.
  • Simpler, cleaner design. The new look of Network Personalizer is being launched with the Log In/Register process, and will eventually become the look and feel of the whole Web service.

More usable

New home page.
  • Cleaner, more useful home page. Once you log in, your home page will give you information and links to the most common tools.
  • We've put the new interface through its paces in usability testing to make it a better experience for you.
  • The "classic" Network Personalizer tools are now going under the name, "Solutions Expert". Use the "Solutions Expert" link to get to your familiar Network Personalizer pages.
  • A number of improvements to the Solutions Designer, Download, and Registration pages.

Version 3.0 (Nov 8th, 2007)

  • Significant performance improvements -- In many cases as much as 10x faster!
  • Enhanced Usage Reports.
    Usage Reports -- Completely re-written and now load in seconds.
  • Calculate your greenhouse gas savings -- DiscoverStation offers one of the most environmentally friendly computing options available. Usage Reports now provide a calculation of your contribution to help combat climate change. The image, for example, shows one customer saving 180 tons of CO2 per year -- Equivalent to taking 15 cars off the road. Find out how much your organization is saving.
  • Tabbed profile forms.
    Global usability improvements
    • Tabbed forms -- Long forms now have a tabbed interface making it easy to switch between sections to quickly find the fields you want to change within a profile.
    • Help link on every page.
      Context sensitive help -- Every page now includes a help link. Simply click the link to view context sensitive help.
    • Easier navigation -- Navigate to related sections via "See also" links at the top of each page.
    • New look and feel -- A more modern look and feel which is consistent with DiscoverAssist's interface.
  • New "Profile Manager" page -- This page replaces the "Categories" page of the past. This is the main navigation page, which now lets you choose between tree and category views (making it easier to find the profiles you want to change and easier to understand the tree-structure relationship between the profiles).
  • Pre-paid card support -- For those customers that are using pre-paid cards you can now easily set your pricing policies.
  • New Solutions Catalog.
    Solutions Catalog -- Want to add a new Session Profile or Welcome Screen? The new Solutions Catalog makes setup quick and easy. You can copy pre-built Welcome Screens (and associated profiles) to your account with a single click. Want to see how DiscoverStation works as a digital sign, public access computer, browser kiosk, etc.? This is the quickest and easiest way to get started.
  • New Solutions Designer.
    Interactive Solutions Designer -- This new interface lets you preview and interactively edit your Welcome Screens and Session Profiles.

Version 2.0

  • Added browser settings in Desktop Mode (Windowed Mode, Hide Toolbar, etc.).
  • Added error message if Sessions are not mapped to all the Welcome Screens on a computer before creating the configuration package.
  • Fixed bug for creating new profiles for a new customer.
  • Added feature to retrieve printer configuration.